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The Caltech Bikeshare is currently closed


The Caltech Bikeshare is a program run by volunteers at the Caltech Bike Lab for members of the Caltech community. Bikeshare offers Caltech students, faculty, and staff to borrow bikes, helmets, and bike lights for free!

How and where to borrow

  1. Go to the circulation desk at the front of Sherman Fairchild Library (SFL).
  2. First time users: fill out the Waiver and Terms of Use (below).
  3. Ask the library staff for a key to a Bikeshare bike lock. The library staff will check out the key to you just like they would check out a book.
  4. Go to the Bikeshare racks outside of Sherman Fairchild Library, find your bike, and get cycling!

You are responsible for keeping yourself and your bike safe. Checkout is for 24 hours and we do not allow renewals.

Equipment Available

See availability here, or call (626) 395-3405

We have 6 Trek hybrids that can be used for both leisure riding and getting a workout. Any member of the Caltech community is welcome to use the bikes. We have 2 small bikes (15'' frame), 3 medium bikes (17.5'' frame), and 1 large bike (20'' frame). The bikes were picked so that hopefully all users will be able to find a comfortable ride.

We have 6 Bontager Solstice helmets: 3 small/medium and 3 medium/large. Note that while helmets are strongly encouraged, bikes can be checked out without a helmet.

We have 6 sets of bike lights. Each set consists of a white front light and a red rear light. Instructions come with the lights. Lights are checked out separately from bikes.