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The Caltech Bike Lab is both a workshop for DIY bike repair and the hub of the campus cycling community. Our club offers lessons, operates the Caltech Bikeshare, organizes bike rides, and advocates for cycling infrastructure.


The Caltech Bike Lab is located in the South House driveway at approximately 1331 East California Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91125, USA. Find us on google maps.

Current leaders

Positions Roles People
President Outreach and Initiatives Lorenzo Van Muñoz
Treasurer Grants and Funding William Denman
Secretary Membership Jack Nguyen
Staff Advisor Leon Mualem
Pasadena CSC Coordinator Jonah Kanner


Once upon a time, dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Eventually they died and turned into oil - which humanity has decided to refine, burn, crack (thank you free-radical chemistry), and otherwise form into interesting monomers and polymers. Some humans decided these petroleum products should be used for lubricating their chains and bottom brackets; which has (among many other causes) ultimately led to the formation of the Bike Lab.

People who have run the Bike Lab/Velo club

2019 - 2020 James Jusuf
2017(?) - 2019 Kevin Vu & Zachary Erikson
2014 - 2017(?) Ottman Tertuliano
2013 - 2014 Daven Quinn & Margaret Ho
2012 - 2013 Jeff Prancevic
2010 - 2013 Paul Anzel
2009(?) - 2010 Jon Weismann
2006 - 2009(?) John McKeen
2005 - 2006 Pierre Moreels
2004 - 2005(?) Michael Johnson
2003 - 2004(?) David Anderson